Breast Surgery Cape Town


Cosmetic surgical enhancement of breasts aims to restore and modify undesirable breast size and shape as required by an individual towards a perceived aesthetic ideal. Changes due to pregnancy, the effects of gravity and ageing can be reversed in most patients and more youthful breasts restored without altering natural appearance or function.

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Breast reduction

Breast reduction is a surgical procedure performed in order to decrease the size of the breasts.


Breast augmentation

This procedure enlarges breasts that are small, underdeveloped or have lost size and shape after childbirth.
Enlargement of the breast is aided by the insertion of prosthetic silicone implants behind each breast. An incision is made either under the breast, around the areola or in the axilla/armpit, and a pocket is created for the implant either behind the glandular tissue or muscle between the breast and chest wall.


Mastopexy or breast lift

This is a surgical procedure to lift up a sagging breasts – there should be little to no change in the size of the breast after the procedure, merely an improvement in breast position, projection and appearance.

The extent of the breast reconstruction operation is determined by the extent of the cancer surgery, which varies from partial mastectomy/lumpectomy (removing part of a breast only), subcutaneous mastectomy (removing the internal breast tissue but leaving the skin envelope and nipple/areola) to complete mastectomy (removing all breast tissue with nipple/areola and a varying amount of skin). In some cases it is possible to do an immediate reconstruction at the time of mastectomy, but in other cases reconstruction is best delayed until all cancer treatment is complete.


Breast reconstruction options are as follows:


Immediate breast reconstruction:

  • Prosthetic placement with or without tissue expanders.
  • Latissimus dorsi back flap with breast implant placement.
  • Abdominal DIEP free flap.


Delayed breast reconstruction

  • Prosthetic placement with or without tissue expander.
  • Latissimus dorsi back flap with breast prosthesis placement.
  • Abdominal TRAM flap
  • Abdominal DIEP free flap

Breast cancer patients have to deal with the threat and implications of the cancer, potential mutilation of their breasts and a sense of loss of womanhood, all of which could result in a period of emotional upheaval after the cancer surgery. Breast reconstruction can help patients to work through some of these issues and restore a sense of self-esteem and confidence.



Somerset Surgery has a team of highly qualified plastic surgeons who will walk the road of discovery and recovery with you.


Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon

Undergraduate: MB.ChB, University of Stellenbosch 1995
Specialisation: FC Plast Surg (SA), College of Medicine of South Africa 2005
Registrations: Health Professions Council of South Africa, Association of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons of South Africaspan>, International Society of Plastic Surgeonsspan>,International Confederation for Plasticspan>, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeryspan


Dr Toogood is the owner and founder of Somerset Surgery. He has a broad scope of surgical interests, in particular breast reconstructive surgery, aesthetic surgery and laser skin rejuvenation. He was awarded the Trubshaw Medal for the top result in South Africa for the Surgical Primary exam. On completion of his specialisation, he received a six-month fellowship with Prof Daniel Marchac – the world-renowned craniofacial and aesthetic surgeon in Paris, France. He has been in private practice since 2006.


Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon

Undergraduate: MB.ChB, University of the Free State 2002
Specialisation: MMed (Plast Surg), University of Free State 2012
Registrations:Health Professional Council of South Africa, The Association of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons of Southern Africa (APRSSA)


We are very fortunate to have Dr Winkler as part of our plastic surgery team. She is one of a handful of female plastic surgeons practicing in South Africa, which gives her a unique understanding of women’s health and the female body. Since her undergraduate training – which included a lengthy tenure in a multi-disciplinary intensive care unit – she’s had a passion for plastic and reconstructive surgery. She specialises in cosmetic surgical procedures, such as breast augmentation, breast lifts, breast reductions, tummy tucks, liposuction and facial surgery. She also performs non-surgical procedures like Botox, fillers and thread lifting.


Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon

Undergraduate: MB.ChB, University of Pretoria 1975
Specialisation: M.Med, University of Cape Town 1985
Registrations: Health Professions Council of South Africa, Association of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons of South Africa, International Society of Plastic Surgeons


Dr Kleynhans has extensive experience in aesthetic surgery and a wide range of reconstructive surgery disciplines. He has been in private practice since 1988. He is well known in the field for his commitment to excellence in standards of surgical care, patient safety, confidentiality and ethics in medicine. Following two years as a plastic surgery consultant at Tygerberg hospital in Cape Town – and a six-month study tour to major plastic surgery centres in the USA, Canada and Europe – he settled in private practice in Pietermaritzburg, to pursue his interest in craniofacial surgery. Hereafter he concentrated on aesthetic surgery, breast reconstruction and general reconstructive plastic surgery. In 1997, the Rotary Foundation of Rotary International awarded him the Paul Harris fellowship in recognition for his service to the community in the craniofacial field. He relocated to Somerset West in 2010.