Building confidence

21:57 12 April in Confidence, Sheldene's Thoughts

We just hosted the APRASSA plastic surgery workshop where plastic surgeons from around the country came to Somerset Surgery to learn about the latest developments in the plastic surgery industry. Upon hearing this, people asked me: “So what is the latest anti-ageing miracle product?” The answer is that a beautiful skin requires commitment, not a miracle.

An aged skin is defined by a dull complexion, pigmentation spots, broken capillaries, wrinkles and sagging. The skincare industry has ‘solutions’ for every one of these conditions. But conditions that have taken a lifetime to develop can seldom be solved with a ‘one-shot silver bullet’. A plan to address these concerns will need to be plotted by our skincare therapists in combination with a home care regime.


Fine lines and wrinkles




Vit A, fruit acids, peptides, anti-oxidants


Laser resurfacing, peels,
medical needling

Dull complexion and dry skin

Dewy, fresh and moist

Vit A, fruit acids, anti-oxidants

Environ DF Ionzyme treaments,
peels, medical needling

Uneven pigmentation and sun spots

Even complexion

SPF, Vit A, fruit acids, anti oxidants

Laser, peels and needling

Broken capillaries, Roscea

Healthy glow

Vit A


Our MY MASC loyalty programme is unlike other loyalty programmes that just reward cash spent. We reward commitment to the recommended plan. The longer you stay on the plan, the more rewards you get.

Starting with a VISIA skin analysis, our therapists will walk the path of discovery with you, quantifying your skin concerns and writing up a treatment plan that will (with commitment and time) give you the results you want.

There is no denying that a glowing, healthy skin – at any age – can be a person’s most attractive feature. I truly believe there is nothing more attractive than confidence. By choosing to put your skin in the hands of our experienced therapists, you can be confident that you are doing the best you possibly can to return your skin to perfect health. And once you see your own beauty, so will everyone else.