Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

07:26 07 July in Surgeons, Surgical

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Do you have painful hands and fingers? Do you experience numbness or itching in the palm of your hand? Or your fingers? Especially your thumb, index and middle finger? Do you wake up feeling the need to “shake out” your hands? All these symptoms could mean that you are suffering from Carpal Tunnel syndrome.

What is Carpal Tunnel syndrome?

The median nerve and the tendons that flex (or curl) your fingers go through a passage called the “carpal tunnel” in your wrist. This tunnel is narrow, so any swelling of it can pinch the nerve and cause pain. Swelling can occur as a result of overuse, injuries or water retention.

If your symptoms are severe, you could consider having surgery to relieve your pain. Carpal tunnel surgery is treated as a day case in hospital and can usually be performed under local anaesthesia.

  • A small surgical cut is made in the palm of your hand, near your wrist.
  • The transvers carpal ligament is cut. This eases the pressure on the median nerve. Sometimes, tissue around the nerve is removed.
  • The skin and tissue underneath are closed with sutures.

Patients who have had this procedure all report dramatic improvement in their symptoms. Consult your orthopaedic surgeon for more information on this life improving surgery.