Causes of pigmentation

10:06 08 April in MASC Laser Clinic, Pigmentatioin

Various factors can trigger hyperpigmentation.


This is a very common trigger of hyperpigmentation. Freckles, age spots and other darkened skin patches can become more pronounced when exposed to the sun. This happens because melanin absorbs the energy of the sun’s harmful UV rays to protect the skin from damage. Sunbeds are a very big contributor to this.


This often leads to hyperpigmentation called “melasma” or “chloasma”. For example, pregnancy can trigger the overproduction of melanin on the face. Women who take contraceptive medication may also develop hyperpigmentation.


Inflammation caused by trauma to the skin, such as acne, may stimulate the skin to overproduce pigment. This can then appear as darker spots or patches on the affected area. This may occur in all skin types, however it is more prevalent in darker skins.

It is very important to note there is no cure or quick fix for pigmentation. However, if correctly assessed, combined with vigilant sun protection and a specified home care and professional programme, we can assist in reducing the appearance of existing pigment, whilst preventing the future development of excess melanin. Your compliance is imperative in achieving optimum results.