You asked…What is it like to have an “eyelid lift”

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You asked…What is it like to have an “eyelid lift”

AKA:  Blepharoplasty (BLEF-uh-roe-plas-tee) is a type of surgery that removes excess skin from the eyelids


Bleph for short


A real patient answers:

Why did you decide you needed a bleph?

I started to noticed that I was getting lines on my forehead from always lifting my eyelids to keep them off my eyelashes.  Applying mascara had become a problem as there were always smudges on my upper lids making my make-up look cluttered and untidy.  But mostly I was tied of hearing “you look tired” all the time.  I didn’t feel tired and I certainly didn’t want to look tired.


What process did you follow to get your surgery?

I contacted Dr Toogood’s rooms for a consultation appointment.  On the day of the appointment, I had the usual forms to fill in etc.  Dr Toogood performed a very thorough consultation and examination paying close attention to my needs and concerns.  He then explained everything that needed to be done.  I gained confidence to go ahead with the procedure especially since he showed me some before and after results.  I immediately booked a theatre date and received a comprehensive quote and a list of instructions to follow via email a day or two later.


Tell us about the day of the procedure:

Even though I was very well informed on what to expect before, during and after my procedure I must admit to being a little nervous on the day of admission, not certain of what the final outcome would be but the trust I have in my Surgeon made me feel at ease. Our conversation while he did the marking had me feeling excited and actually looking forward to waking up to my new look. Dr Human was my Anaesthetist who explained everything step-by-step before administering anaesthetic for the conscious sedation procedure that lasted 90 minutes which resulted in me not feeling sick after the anaesthesia. I woke up with ice packs on my eyes, had no pain at all and a very caring nurse by my side. As soon as I was able to eat and drink I was ready to be discharged 3 hours after my surgery – with someone to help at home as I needed to apply ice packs as often as possible. I received great care and after care instructions from the nursing staff who even made me ice packs to take home to reduce the swelling, resulting in much less discoloration of the areas worked on.


Describe your post-surgery recovery period:

The Clinical coordinator (Dr Toogood’s nurse) contacted me the next day to check in and follow up on my recovery.  I had most visible stitches and plasters removed with my first post-op visit 5 days after my procedure. Removal of the sutures was painless.  On day 8 the final sutures were removed and I could apply makeup after all the incisions closed. I was able to return to work on day 9. I was left with a thin white line in the fold of my upper lids which was not visible to anyone but myself when I closed my eyes. These lines disappeared within 3 months after everything settled.  The bruising was not as bad as I had expected but I was told that is patient dependant and everyone bruises differently.


Are you happy you went through with the procedure and are you satisfied with the result?

I feel like I gave myself a gift that I can appreciate every day! I look and feel rested, like I had a “mini facelift”.

Best of all being the preparation it took to have this done and the recovery afterwards was painless, effortless and so rewarding.

This procedure would be highly recommended to anyone that has heavy upper eyelids, access skin and hears “you look tired” from your friends.


From a very satisfied, blessed patient.