Men and cosmetic plastic surgery

08:27 11 June in Somerset Surgery, Surgeons, Surgical

By Dr Jan Kleynhans

Want flatter abs? Your flabby eyelids lifted or hip rolls reduced? Fortunately, if the “good life” has caught up with you, there is hope. It comes in the shape of Somerset Surgery.

More and more men are venturing into the hallowed cosmetic surgery portals previously reserved for the fairer sex. As cosmetic surgery continuous to enjoy media exposure, the stigma attached to man’s quest for a more youthful and athletic appearance is fading fast. We want to look better to maintain our competitive edge in the workplace. We’re surviving the ravages of age longer with a desire to not quite look it. Sometimes we simply want to feel better about ourselves.

The most popular cosmetic surgery procedures requested by men are blepharoplasty or eyelid lifts, liposuction of the abdomen and hip rolls, removal of excessive pectoral or breast tissue, tummy tucks and face lifts. There are many other nips and tucks too. For the right candidate, these procedures are safe and effective. Downtime seldom exceeds 14 days.

Take the touble to consult your local plastic surgeon about your woes. They may well be easy to resolve!