Premiere treatment

09:52 09 February in MASC Laser Clinic

We are excited to introduce our new MASC Signature Treatment. It will revitalise, hydrate, plump and firm your skin in preparation for any upcoming occasion.


    • Step 1: We start with a light, superficial chemical peel to gently remove surface dead cells and increase cell turnover.


    • Step 2: Then we apply an intensive anti-ageing peptide-based serum, which is infused into the skin using ultra-sound technology for enhanced penetration of the active ingredients.


    • Step 3: This is followed by a mask that contains neoglucosamine – a potent anti-ager that assists in improving elasticity, skin firmness and hydration. It also assists in smoothing and plumping the skin.


    • Step 4: A gentle massage on the face and décolleté soothes and calms the skin in preparation of our Omnilux Revive light.


    • Step 5: This ‘near infra-red’ light enhances collagen and elastin production, while mildly stimulating the micro-circulation within the skin.


    • Step 6: To finish off, we apply a moisturiser suited to your skin type, a broad-spectrum sunscreen and Lycogel treatment foundation. You will leave glowing and revitalised, ready to face any event.


The MASC Signature Treatment is
now available for R750.

  • Treatment duration: 75 min

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