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16:22 18 January in Anti-ageing, Sheldene's Thoughts

Anti-ageing resolutions you must make in 2015


Welcome to a brand new year! What makes midnight on 31 December any different from one second past midnight on 1 January?

Really not much, if you think about it, but for some reason a mysterious kind of energy rains down on us – possibly from the exploding fireworks above – and we all get a renewed sense of resolve to make improvements to our lives. A new year is not just a changing date; it’s an opportunity to change direction! I have compiled a list of resolutions I suggest you make in 2015. A few of them could even save your life.

1) Go through your make-up bag and bathroom cupboard and get rid of old and expired products. At best, an expired product will have little effect on your skin and at worst, it could harbour bacteria that could lead to infections. If you have a product that you purchased, but discovered you do not like using it on your face, add a scoop of it to your body lotion and use it on your legs, chest and arms.

2) Invest in a good quality sunscreen and apply it EVERY DAY. I have Heliocare placed in strategic locations throughout the house – on the patio (in the shade), by my front door and in the children’s bathroom. The kids love using the pump action and know the rule: no sunblock = no swimming.

3) Start using (and consuming) anti-oxidants. Ask your skincare therapist about anti-oxidants in your skincare routine, as well as a good anti-oxidant supplement to take daily.

4) Consult a dermatologist and get mole mapping done.

5) Book your annual mammogram and examine your breasts every month. Like us on Facebook to receive a monthly prompt and breast exam tip.

6) Resolve to invest in yourself. When you enrol in our MY MASC (My Year in Medical Aesthetic Skin Care) loyalty programme, you receive a year’s worth of skincare treatments plotted out for you. See it as enlisting a personal trainer for your skin.

7) Try a new treatment, like Botox and/or filler. Their effect is measured in months, so you can “fine-tune” it (like a recipe) over time, to achieve your ideal result. Considering our busy lives, it’s important to know that a break in treatments – or even stopping them completely – will do no harm. CAUTION: Only choose a reputable doctor with good experience. See our website for details.

8) Make the appointment. You promised yourself that you were going to get “it” done. You’ve done your homework (and possibly the gym work too) and you are pretty sure “it” cannot be fixed surgically. Don’t be afraid to book the appointment. Arm yourself with knowledge and then decide to take the plunge. I don’t know a single person who has regretted having appropriate cosmetic surgery for a problem that can’t be fixed by diet and exercise alone.

A new year is not just about changing the calendar. It’s about renewed commitment. We CAN commit to change the direction of our declining health and increasing waistline. We CAN choose to take advantage of developments in modern medicine and anti-ageing skincare to hold back the relentless march of time and literally turn back the clock. Here’s to a New Year and a New You!