Sheldene’s thoughts on… The body beautiful

12:33 09 February in Sheldene's Thoughts

February is traditionally the Month of Love and red hearts are everywhere. Awards season is also in full swing. All media sources feast on red carpet parades with perfectly-toned celebrities of all ages who preen in perfect ‘show room condition’.

While the embellished dresses are one thing, I’m obsessed with the flawless complexions on the red carpet. Even without high-definition cameras and flash lights, most of us don’t come close to achieving faultless, poreless, radiant skin. Don’t believe the ‘I just woke up this way’ hype. Beautiful skin requires commitment, not a miracle! Red carpet preparations begin months in advance.

At Somerset Surgery and MASC Laser Clinic, we are perfectly placed to get you ready for that special occasion (or romantic dinner). Our MY MASC loyalty programme is specially designed to take a long-term approach to your skincare, but we can also tweak it to get you Red Carpet Ready if the occasion demands.

Whatever the event may be, whatever the timeline, we can prepare you for your moment in the spotlight.

My red carpet moment will come when I host our Naked Truth event on 14 September. And yes, I’m starting months in advance! My therapists at MASC have already prepared a treatment regime that will have me at my radiant best come September. They are also making sure that come February 14, I may not be spotlight ready, but in the soft glow of candlelight my skin will be irresistible to touch!


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