Sheldene’s thoughts on… Motherhood

05:30 08 May in MASC Laser Clinic

Mothers always ask themselves these questions in relation to their families: Am I doing too little? Am I doing too much? And is what I am doing having the right effect?

I wish there was some sort of barometer or warning light that would flicker if we veer too much to one side or the other. As we know, there are no shortcuts when it comes to good mothering. Trial and error seem to be the only way to proceed.

Come to think of it, those three questions can be asked of almost every aspect of your life: money, skincare, diet, exercise, etc. I used to say: “I don’t need to lose weight, just rearrange it! A little less ‘down there’ and a little more ‘up here’.”

Well, with the help of lipo and a breast augmentation I have done just that! Rearranged my proportions to achieve a more harmonious body shape. My husband says the essence of plastic surgery is:

  • Too much? Take some away. (Breast reduction, liposuction, tummy tucks)
  • Too little? Add some. (Breast augmentation, lip filler)
  • In the wrong place? Lift it. (Breast lift, buttocks lift, brow lift, eyelift, facelift)

One of the fastest growing trends in plastic surgery is fat filling. This treatment addresses all three questions posed above. It is a surgical procedure whereby the surgeon takes fat from one part of the body (too much in the wrong place) and after processing it, re-injects the fat into a place that lacks in youthful plumpness (too little). Adding a few millilitres of fat to the cheekbone can cause a slight lifting effect in the jowl area (in the wrong place).

So if motherhood has taken its toll, not only on your peace of mind but your body too, Somerset Surgery and MASC Laser Clinic have the solution, tailor-made to have ‘just the right effect’.

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