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00:08 12 May in Sheldene's Thoughts

Bosom buddies

We flash them, we flatten them, we push them way up. We shake them, we stuff them in all the wrong cups… Our husbands all crave them, our children have drained them. Some of us have even named them. We can’t wait for them to arrive, our kids needed them to survive and then they start to take a dive…

Breasts define a woman – there is no denying this. The object of male fascination and the essence of the nurturing nature of a mother. Women give comfort by drawing a hurting loved one to their breast. Some of us have a very good relationship with our ‘girls’ and are happy with what nature has endowed us with (big or small). Sadly, if you are not happy with your god-given assets or if life has caused them to diminish, there is really not much you can do to improve them without resorting to surgery. No cream, diet or exercise regime will lift drooping boobs or re-plump the deflated.

Having a breast augmentation is not going to change you fundamentally. It is not a panacea for feelings of sexual attractiveness or self-worth, but most patients experience a significant boost in self-esteem and positive feelings about their body image after undergoing breast enlargement surgery.

To date, over 150 breast augmentation surgeries have been performed at Somerset Surgery. We are happy to report that the vast majority of these patients are completely satisfied and have enjoyed the feeling of improved confidence since having the procedure. Modern techniques and improved technology used for breast prosthesis have made the procedure safe and long lasting.

Speak to one of our plastic surgeons about your concerns. Together you will choose the right option to make you and your bosoms buddies again.