10:45 11 August in Facial Rejuvenation, Sheldene's Thoughts, Somerset Surgery

Going the full monty


Soon after discovering that I manage Somerset Surgery, relative strangers have no qualms about asking me what I have had “done”. As one who is not easily offended, I really don’t mind the question.

I happily discuss the benefits of Botox, filler and my various experiences relating to the great results obtained by appropriate aesthetic surgical treatments performed by expert hands. “But would YOU have a facelift?” they press. My provocative answer is: “If I felt I needed one, I would, but for now I’m doing everything I can to delay it.”

So, what am I doing? Well, here is my answer:

  • I am a MY MASC member at MASC Laser Clinic, where I have regular peels, needling and rejuvenative facials as prescribed by my programme.
  • I never go to bed without removing my make-up.
  • I do my prescribed skincare routines morning and night.
  • I have Botox treatments combined with a bit of filler.
  • I have done a course of Genie Complete to tone my facial muscles.
  • I NEVER, EVER leave home without sunblock.

Many ladies agonise over the appropriate time to start Botox treatments or more invasive interventions, like eyelift surgery or “thread lifting” (the latest buzz). Due to the fact that Somerset Surgery offers a full range of treatments – from light peels and full facelifts to ablative laser – our skincare therapists and doctors are able to advise on how far non-surgical procedures can help you along the road to facial rejuvenation. And at what point you would need to consider surgical interventions, like a facelift, to get the results you would like to see reflected in the mirror.

It is far easier to hold back the hands of time than to turn back the hands of time. So start early. Come for a consultation and get expert advice on what to do and when to start!