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05:57 07 July in Laser & Skin Clinic, MASC Laser Clinic, MY MASC, Pigmentatioin, Sheldene's Thoughts, Visia Complexion Analysis

My struggle with pigmentation

People often compliment me on my complexion – I chose my parents well and have a skin tone that goes with just about any colour I pair with it. BUT I also fight the daily battle against pigmentation.

The topic of pigmentation got me thinking about the different phases of my life. As a little girl growing up in Natal, I enjoyed many days on the beach. And, when naked, I had a white bikini suntan stencilled onto my brown body. I also had freckles across the bridge of my nose. An acne outbreak during my teenage years resulted in post-inflammatory pigmentation (read more on that here).

During my pregnancies, I had a clearly discernible brown triangle on my forehead. I called it the “Bermuda Triangle”. Due to “pregnancy brain”, anything that went into it was “gone forever”! Now in my forties, I battle against the age spots that are starting to make their appearance as a result of those childhood summer days.

Looking back, it is easy to see that there is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to treating pigmentation. Any treatment regime set to improve pigmentation needs to take many factors into account: What is causing the pigmentation? What type of pigmentation is it? In what level of the skin is the pigment sitting? What role are hormones playing? What complexion type is the skin in question?

I recently had a VISIA skin analysis (read more about it here) and it compared my skin to a photo taken four years ago. The photos below prove that – with the correct analysis, targeted professional treatments, appropriate home care and dedication – you CAN improve the complexion of your skin.