Sheldene’s thoughts on…

07:37 13 April in Aesthetic Surgery, Anti-ageing, Confidence


Life has left its mark on you. You may have scars on your face that you keep hidden under thick layers of make-up or scars on your body that you hide under long skirts and pants. You may have broken veins on your legs, stretch marks and a ‘moonbag’ of a tummy since the birth of your children.

You may have a furrow between your brows and bags under your eyes from the stress and strain of everyday life… all these things start to rob you of your confidence and you let out a long sigh when faced with your reflection in a mirror. Your husband, partner or BFF says: “If it bothers you so much, why don’t you do something about it?” But where to start? The mere thought of showing your most embarrassing secret – that thing you have kept so well hidden – to a complete stranger is too hard to contemplate. However, if you choose the right surgeon you will not feel uncomfortable about seeking the help you so badly need.

Having a cosmetic surgery consultation with one of our surgeons should be a joint voyage of discovery as you and your surgeon discuss the various options (both surgical and non-surgical) to address your problems. Somerset Surgery’s mission is for the patient to feel a spirit of togetherness with our team as we walk the road together with you from beginning to end. As one of our patients recently said: “From the first minute I walked through the doors of your office, I felt cared for. Your staff is wonderful. The care they gave me melted away any fears I could imagine and kept me focussed, excited and fully prepared for my surgery. Now, each time I look in the mirror, I feel real confidence in my self-image. I haven’t been this happy with my body in a very long time. Thank you so much for the beautiful work you have done on me.”

We want to thank all our patients for putting their trust in us and we encourage all prospective patients to follow suit. Make the appointment and find the road back to self-confidence!