Sheldene’s thoughts on… Beauty on the go

10:07 20 November in Sun protection

As the Christmas decorations start to appear (prematurely) in all the shops, I’m reminded that the year is almost at its close. My mind turns to the prospect of warmer weather and my upcoming holiday.

Packing is always something I leave to the last minute. I’m in a fortunate position to travel often, so my toiletry bag is always packed and ready to go. I never decant my skincare products into smaller bottles as the packaging is specially designed to protect volatile active ingredients. Some ingredients should not be exposed to air or light and some products should only be kept in glass containers. Decanting your products into unsterile containers can cause bacterial contamination and/or shorten the product’s lifespan. So it’s a definite no-no.

In my carry-on luggage, I pack a few skincare sample sachets to refresh before disembarking. We all know how dehydrating a long-haul flight is, so I have Hydrating B5 serum from SkinCeuticals at hand to rehydrate ‘on the fly’. When travelling, I swap my regular foundation – Lycogel – for a Heliocare colour oil-free compact foundation that gives great coverage and the added benefit of an SPF50. The mirror and nifty applicator sponge allow me to touch up my make-up on-the-go and be selfie-ready at the drop of a hat… That reminds me: don’t forget to pack your hat!

Happy holidays.