14:13 16 February in Sheldene's Thoughts

A woman’s relationship with her body


Did you spend your summer vacation envying the bodies at the beach and around the pool? Maybe these words crossed your mind: “As soon as this holiday (and 24-hour access to the buffet table) is over, I’m going to shed these kilos and look just as good as her.”


We are bombarded with photoshopped images of young starlets looking impossibly perfect. Women who are (in most cases) at least 20 years younger than you. Manipulated photos create an unrealistic ideal of cellulite-free thighs, long smooth necks and perfect complexions. Resist the urge to compare yourself to these images, as they are closer to cartoons than real life.


You should also resist the urge to compare yourself to friends and family or the woman at gym with the washboard abs. Rather focus on falling in love with your body. Be proud of it, whatever its shape or size. Honour it for how it has sustained you, the babies it has carried and the lovers it has enfolded. Take gentle care of it. The only person you should try to outperform is the one you were yesterday.


Most New Year’s resolutions are aimed at making the year ahead better than the past. They usually come down to the same thing: lose weight, get organised, get healthier, live better. The idea being, “this time next year I’ll be better than before”. Our goal is to help you set realistic goals, so you can truly end 2016 feeling better than you did in 2015.


Keep following our newsletters throughout the year to see how we have journeyed with women just like you. Real women with real problems to solve, such as pigmentation, wrinkles and sun damage. We will share with you how we have helped them end the year looking and feeling better than before.


Welcome to 2016 and all the magic it has in store for you.