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14:45 10 April in Pigmentatioin, Sheldene's Thoughts

The flaws of achieving a flawless complexion


Pigmentation is a common obstacle on our quest to perfect skin. It refers to those pesky dark spots that return no matter what we do to get rid of them. I do believe that overzealous airbrushing of teenage models – to the point that it would be more realistic to compare yourself to Betty Boop than to a living, breathing woman – has created an impossible ideal when it comes to the business of unblemished skin.

Many factors contribute to hyperpigmentation. These include hormone imbalances, inflammatory responses and sun exposure. When combatting this problem you need to take a multi-pronged approach. However, the best way to get rid of pigmentation spots once and for all is to avoid sun exposure – AT ALL TIMES. It’s a harsh fact to face for sun-worshipping South Africans, but after months of treatment to correct the problem, only one hour of unprotected sun exposure can take you right back to where you were six months ago.

Many of our clients claim that pigmentation spots are their number one skin care concern, therefore MASC Laser Clinic offers a range of products and treatments that can help improve your complexion (see the Naked Truth section in this month’s newsletter). I have found the use of Ovelle’s D3 skin supplement helps to keep the pigmentation away, while Lycogel’s tinted foundation (which has a high SPF and anti-inflammatory properties) helps to protect me from the sun. These two products have proved to be effective additions to my usual skin care routine.

While pigmentation can be improved, you need to be dedicated to the programme created for you. The approaching winter season is the perfect time to tackle this persistent problem. Contact one of our therapists to arrange a consultation, so we can help you get rid of that DAMN SPOT!