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11:16 12 February in Sheldene's Thoughts, Somerset Surgery

The perfect private parts

In book clubs and ladies’ gatherings around the world, women happily discuss their most despised body parts with each other – grabbing the offending bits and saying: “If only I could get rid of this!”. They refer to their sagging breasts as “rocks in socks” and their ample hips as “saddle bags”. Back rolls are called “muffin tops”. Very few ladies have confessed to private part paranoia… until now.

In her tell-all autobiography, Jane Fonda confesses to always feeling “inadequate or deformed” down below. Recently on the Graham Norton show, Sharon Osbourne brazenly discussed having vaginal tightening surgery.

Women have found a new body part to obsess about as they view surgically and/or digitally enhanced pictures on the Internet – images one previously would have ventured into the Red Light district to see. If you feel the need to perfect your private parts, read on as our resident plastic surgeon, Dr Jonathan Toogood, discusses this topic in more detail.