That quintessentially feminine part of the anatomy

07:03 05 May in Sheldene's Thoughts

This month we celebrate Mother’s Day. You may even raise a glass of bubbles to your beloved mom at Sunday’s lunch.

Legend has it that the coupe glass – the traditional bowl-shaped champagne glass – was moulded from Marie Antoinette’s left breast, and that she wanted her court to toast her health by drinking from glasses shaped like her bosom!

The glass shape brings to mind the low sloping neckline of an evening dress that exposes the décolletage. That quintessentially feminine part of the anatomy: neck, shoulders and cleavage. Think Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman with that gorgeous red dress and white gloves with her hair up, exposing her flawless skin.

When one thinks of mothering, one of the first pictures that come to mind is of a mother holding a child on her lap with the child’s head against her chest. Unfortunately this area is often the first to show signs of ageing with sunspots, a wrinkled cleavage and sagging neck. Not a pretty picture. The skin around your chest and neck is very thin. It contains less sebaceous glands and limited melanocytes (cells that give colour to your skin and protect it from UV rays). So damage is more easily done.

This area is also one of the most exposed areas of your body. Have a look at yourself with your shirt off: Do you have an inverted triangle of discoloured skin pointing towards your cleavage? This is the result of years of sun exposure while wearing open-collared shirts.

Fortunately we offer a vast array of treatments for this area: From facelift procedures, filler or ablative laser for the cleavage wrinkles to SlimLipo (laser-assisted liposuction with skin tightening) for the neck. At MASC we can achieve amazing results with non-ablative laser, peels and medical needling extended to the décolletage.See the amazing before and after photos. Our new Lamprobe machine can get rid of skin tags and vascular irregularities in this area.

There are many things you can do to keep the skin on your chest smooth and healthy. We can assist you in achieving the desired result.