The true beauty of rejuvenation

07:16 26 August in Facial Rejuvenation

When rejuvenation surgery becomes appropriate

We get plenty enquiries about what can be done to rejuvenate the face. At Somerset Surgery, we have the full gamut of treatments available – from minimally invasive treatments at MASC Laser Clinic to thread lifting, fillers, laser skin resurfacing and facelifts.

A quick Google search of ‘rejuvenation’ rendered the following definition, which I absolutely love:

rejuvenate/gerund or present participle: rejuvenating

make (someone or something) look or feel better, younger, or more vital.
give a shot in the arm to, pep up, buck up
restore to a condition characteristic of a younger landscape.

The part I like most? ‘Restore to a condition characteristic of a younger landscape.’ That’s exactly what happens with a well-executed facelift – the younger landscape/architecture of the face is restored. With the modern facelift techniques, you will not have the ‘pulled’ or ‘windswept’ look.

Ageing of the face occurs when the deeper structures of the facial area have sagged. Surgery puts them back in their original position and the skin is merely draped over the restored architecture of the face. A facelift is not reliant on the ‘pull of the skin’ to hold it in position.

This quote from Jane Fonda reflects the sentiments of all our facelift patients: “…this year I got tired of not looking how I feel and I wanted a more refined chin like I used to have. What pleases me is that I won’t look pulled or weird… or tired all the time. And my crow’s feet are still alive and well. I wish I’d been brave enough to not do anything but, instead, I chose to be a somewhat glamorous grandma.”

I found another celebrity quote that expresses exactly what most of our patients tell us after surgery: “I got it for myself. I can’t even really put it into words. How amazing it feels to really feel right.” That’s Ariel Winter on getting breast reduction surgery.

Having your ‘outside’ truly reflect your ‘inside’ (as per Jane Fonda) or ‘feeling right’ (as per Ariel Winter) are the hallmarks of appropriate rejuvenation surgery. Ultimately, what these ladies are saying is that their confidence has been restored and that is where the true beauty of rejuvenation lies.