Visia Testimonial

08:23 09 February in Visia Complexion Analysis

“I went for my first VISIA analysis. Apart from having a very sensitive skin, I also had the great misfortune to grow up in the 70s and 80s where sunscreen was really thought to be optional. As an adult, there were a few things which worried me about the appearance of my skin. So I was hoping to get some real insight into what damage had already been done to my skin and how to prevent any further damage.

The analysis was so informative and using that information, Sally was able to start me on a skincare regime for my skin, which is horribly problematic, specifically. I did not have a reaction to any of the products she suggested and my skin started to look and feel so much better. Of course, the many compliments I received on how my skin was looking was wonderful as well.

Two years later I went for another Visia analysis. I was happy to see that according to the programme my skin had not aged at all. Thanks Sally and everyone at MASC for all the guidance and advice in caring for my skin!” – Lisa