Story About Confidence

14:44 15 April in Breast surgery, Dr Jonathan Toogood

Dear Sheldene,

I cannot believe it is already two months since Chloe’s breast reduction.

I feel so bad that I have not been able to see you when we have been for her post-op check-ups, but you have either been busy or not there. Now we have a late appointment today, so I am sure we will miss you again.

I have conveyed my thanks to Jonathan, but also wanted to thank you for what it has done for Chloe, as well as for the amazing care that she/we experienced at your facility.

Every single member of staff that we dealt with was absolutely amazing/caring/discreet, which is totally what Chloe needed. The fact that I could be there in recovery when she woke up was amazing and the staff were as caring with me as they were with Abby. Naturally, I was very emotional when I saw her for the first time, and witnessed the amazing job that Jonathan has done.

I spent quite a bit of time in recovery chatting to the staff and anaesthetist and they are all absolutely amazing.

Another thing that was amazing was that it was two female paramedics who took her across to Orion. Everything is so perfectly fine-tuned down to the last detail. The staff at Orion were also fantastic. The individualised care is just incredible. Even the lady (sorry I am terrible with names) who prepared the meals, offered to take the raisins out of Chloe’s muesli in the morning when she asked if the muesli had raisins.

The accommodation at Orion is first class for the patients and the family members and I am in total awe of the whole process. Thank you again sooooo much, from the bottom of my heart.

I cannot believe the difference in Chloe. She is just singing and laughing and going out and having sleep overs and… and… and… There is no longer anything she wants to avoid. I even, on occasion, have to ask her to quieten down or just to stop talking for one minute! What a wonderful problem to have after she had become so quiet and withdrawn previously.

She has not been able to start running yet, as Jonathan asked her to hold off while she had a little hole under the one breast. But we are walking regularly and apart from the weight loss at surgery, she has lost another kilo over the past two months. It might not seem like much, but it is a big mental boost for her and she is now so motivated to eat healthy and she drinks between 2.5 and 3 litres of water a day.

I am really so grateful to you both for giving me my child back, so she can now get on with being the awesome teenager that she is.

With love,