Time for a facelift

16:45 16 August in Face surgery

How do you know it’s time for a facelift? I was listening to a psychologist on radio the other day. The interviewer asked:  “When does someone know they need professional help?” His answer made me sit up and listen.

He said, “When all the techniques you have been using to help you feel better are no longer working.” It was a bit of an aha moment. Many people ask me what is the best age to have your first facelift. When you turn 48 or 50 years old? There is no right answer.

The question could be answered in the same way the psychologist answered the interviewer: when all the tricks (miracle eye cream, neck tightening exercises, concealer sticks, tinted glasses, funky hairstyles, scarves, polar necks and contouring makeup techniques) are no longer getting you the results you need, it’s time to seek professional help.

After surgery

A few of our delighted patients had this to say after facial rejuvenation surgery:

“When I looked in the mirror, the face I saw did not match the person I felt inside. I don’t look younger per se, but I look like ME again.” Merl (64), owner of a catering and events company

“I was so tired of hearing people say: ‘You look so worried, what’s wrong?’ My eyebrows had dropped off my brow bone due to ageing. This gave me the appearance of constant anxiety and made my eyes look small and closed. So I needed a brow lift and a facelift. Now it’s so nice to see my bright, sparkly eyes in the mirror. I feel that my actual, enthusiastic and happy personality is visible again.” Susan (57), interior decorator

“My husband died a few years ago. It was a devastating loss and I was depressed for a long time. I knew the depression was lifting when I became concerned about my appearance again. I was shocked to realise that during my husband’s illness and the grieving process, I had not properly looked at myself in years. I realised the stress had taken its toll. Grief was etched on my face. I decided to have a facelift. It feels like the weight from shoulders have been removed along with the weight off my face.” Imke (72), homemaker and mother of 2, grandmother of 4

Taking the plunge

There is no right age to have a facelift. The youngest we have treated is 45 and the oldest is 80 years old. It is important to be mentally ready for the surgery. Discuss your motivations with your surgeon, not only your expectations. Get your skin in the best possible condition before surgery.

At MASC Laser Clinic, we are experienced and equipped to walk the road of discovery with you if you decide to undergo facial rejuvenation surgery. We will help you prepare for surgery and maintain your results following your procedure.

See our Clinical Corner for more things to consider before you take the plunge.

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